Barge Hire - Robert Purnell

36.5m x 15.8m x 2.9m

The “Robert Purnell” is a heavily constructed 1,000t barge fitted with a 170t slew crane.  The crane has a 40 metre boom.  The crane is powered by two GM 6-71 six cylinder diesel engines mounted in tandem.  The engines are fitted to a 1.62-1 reduction GM power transfer gear box.  The controls are pneumatic, with compressed air provided  by an Ingersoll-Rand air compressor.

The barge has 5 transverse watertight bulkheads which form 6 water tight compartments with fuel and fresh water tank amidships.

The crane barge has a 4 point mooring system operated from a central control.

This vessel has been used in the recent upgrade of the Shell Oil Terminal in Geelong and is currently being utilised for major wharf development in the South Australian wheat wharf facility.

Barge Hire - Robert Purnell


Barge Hire - Robert Purnell  Barge Hire - Robert Purnell

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