Dredging Services - Dredge "Currong"

Cutter suction dredge - 12" x 12"

Head - 17t 

Suitable for heavier material as well as sand, mud and silt.

  Dredging Services - Tas Ocean Shipping                                  

Main Prime Mover:

Mirlees 2 TLBS 3 cylinder diesel engine of a continuous KW rating.

Winch Prime Mover:

Perkins P6 6 cylinder diesel engine.

Cutter Prime Mover:

Fordson Major 590E 6 cylinder diesel engine.

Generator, Compressor, Bilge an Priming Pump Prime Mover:

Lister TS3 diesel of 22.5kw air cooled.


Hanse type G of 10kws, 110 volt output.

Air Compressor:

Broome and Wade TNS.

Prime / Bilge Pump:

Nuhius Winterwisk

Dredging Services

Secondary Booster Pump:

12/10 Warman gravel pump

Boost Station Prime Mover:

298kw Dorman diesel engine operating through a Caterpillar Twin Disc hydraulic gear box of 3.5:1 Reduction.

Booster Pump:

1614 Thompson Gravel Pump and 60,000 litre surge tank.

Dredging Services by Tas Ocean Shipping


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