General Particulars      

Light Displacement

170 tonnes
250 tonnes 
12 knots            
Bollard Pull 
Fuel Capacity 
Fresh Water Capacity
Water Ballast               
16 tonnes
40 tonnes
3,500 miles
15.4 tonnes
10.6 tonnes

 engine room engine room

The main engine is a 6 cylinder English Electric Ruston that produces 1100 HP. The engine is directly air started and the engine room log reads slightly over 5000hours since the last rebuild. The maintenance programme is such that two cylinders are pulled down for checking and renewing where necessary every year. Transmission is by way of a Modern Wheel Drive gearbox that has a 3:1 reduction. This gearbox also has two extra output shafts that are braked for smoother transitions.

There are two auxiliaries: To port is a 50 kVA generator with the prime mover being a Ruston 6 cylinder, 90 hp diesel that has approximately 12,000 hours since its last rebuild. To starboard there is a 240HP Ruston 6 cylinder diesel that an alternator, hydraulic pump that has approximately 4500 hours since last being rebuilt.

The propeller is a fixed 76 bronze prop that is inside a Kortz steering nozzle. For extra manoeuvrability the vessel is also fitted with an 80 HP hydraulically driven bowthruster that has approximately 1 ton of thrust.

As mentioned prior there is also a large Merryweather fire/salvage pump, driven by the STBD auxiliary. This pump drives either two fire monitors (water cannons) at 1900 GPM or the salvage pump (2100 GPM).

Tankage consists of a fuel capacity of 40.36 tonnes (10,500 gallons). Freshwater capacity is 15,4 tonnes (1,620 gallons). There is a further tank for AFFF Foam that has a capacity of 792 gallons.

Deck equipment consists or two anchors with four shackles of cable port and three shackles to starboard. There is also an electric hydraulic aft capstan.

There are two hydraulic steering stations (electric jog stick on bridge top. The tiller is driven by twin steering rams
Fitted to the bridge deck is a HIAB Sea Crane 60 that has a 1 ton lift in close.


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