Self propelled, floating heavy sea lift crane
47m x 19.7m x 2.15m

The Hikinui is propelled by two Voith Schneider units (one at each end) and is driven by two 5 cylinder Mirlees diesel engines at 513 BHP each, giving 7 knots: making her extremely manoeuvrable.

The vessel is certified for 100 tonne SWL lifting capacity ( with a dispensation to 125t SWL) @ 55’ from shipside, slewing 360 degrees in 3 minutes and a deck load capacity of 330 tonnes. Her ready to lift status obviates the massive set up costs associated with shore cranes. The crane jib can also be lowered for ocean voyages.

The Hikinui is ideally suited to heavy lift construction projects, shipyards, salvage and can be used in shallow situations inshore and close to wharves. The vessel is fitted with automatic twist lock connecting container lifting frames, enabling the vessel to be used as a container wharf.


Maximum lifting 125 t (SWL) on main hook

25 t (SWL) on secondary hook

Deck Loading Capacity up to 300 t

Lifting equipment 110t (SWL) Lifting frame

100t (SWL) Hook frame

24t (SWL) Container spreader


Fuel (diesel) capacity In 2 tanks , 80 tonnes

Water Ballast In 8 tanks, 200 tonnes

Fresh Water In 1 tank, 2250 gals

Concrete Ballast 188 tonnes



Mess rooms x 2 , one each side of the engine room

Galley, Toilets , Showers, Laundry

4 cabins with master’s and engineer’s offices.

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